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Audio Zombie - World Class Sound Design for the Horror Industry

The fear factor of nearly every film and walk through attraction would decrease dramatically without the impact of creative sound design. Audio Zombie is an innovative company which provides world-class sound design to the horror and entertainment industry. In a short period of time, Audio Zombie has made a strong and lasting impact in the horror world and industry.

Audio Zombie was started approximately a year ago when it developed out of the birth of Lollipop Recording Studio. Lollipop Recording Studio was experiencing a lot of success recording horror and metal influenced bands. Along with recording and producing bands in the horror/metal genre, Lollipop Recording Studio began composing creepy and disturbing intros for the bands. An interest sparked when bands started telling Lollipop Recording Studio that these sound creations were exactly what the horror world lacked and needed. It was at this moment that Lollipop Recording Studio expanded and Audio Zombie evolved into composing horror film scores. As the word started to spread, haunted attractions were approaching Audio Zombie as a result of their customized, unique and over-the-top sound design. Audio Zombie puts pride in taking horror to another level by using old school creative sound design where every sound is customized and composed from scratch.

Audio Zombie has been working with the haunted house market since the company started about a year ago. People in the haunted house market were exposed to the horror films they had created sound design for and since it was nothing like they had heard before, inquired about how Audio Zombie could customize sound design for their haunted attractions. Over the past year, Audio Zombie’s unique approach to sound design has created exclusive audio products which can be heard pouring out of some of the biggest attractions nationwide, such as top-rated haunted houses, theme parks, museums and independent films. These major attractions and film projects that Audio Zombie has created customized scores and sound designs for include The Bates Motel (Glen Mills, PA), Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (New York, NY), Fear Itself at Legend Skream Park (Mishawaka, IN), House of Haunts (Wildwood, NJ) and the independent film: Fallow Ground (Emerald Productions) winning Best Audio Design at the Project Twenty1 Film Festival.

Audio Zombie is a company based on the concepts of respect, pride and valuing the people they work with. It’s unfortunate that a significant portion of the music and special attractions industry is often filled with people who do not share connections or help each other out. In contrast, developing strong, solid relationships with their clients and sharing connections to help each other out is a major cornerstone of Audio Zombie. Furthermore, they are strong supporters of the horror scene along with all genres in the music scene. Once you work with Audio Zombie, it does not end there as they tell people you exist, share connections and refer people to other businesses.

Some of the things Audio Zombie has seen about the haunted house market that they especially like include meeting a diverse group of people with different backgrounds who come from all walks of life and share a common passion. Many people have the misconception that people have to be strange or odd to have an interest in the horror market and industry. However, at horror conventions, Audio Zombie has had the pleasure of meeting everyone from your small business owners to powerful business executives and physicians who have a passion for the haunted house and horror industry.

The tips and recommendations that Audio Zombie can provide to haunted house owners is to be unique and set yourself apart with a custom sound design that no one else has. Sound really changes everything and it is so important to have a distinctive, exclusive piece that fits your business. Audio Zombie truly appreciates and values the concept that details matter and there is no more important detail than one of custom sound design. Audio Zombie also notes that there is often a mistaken belief that sound design work is very expensive. What they want people to know is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get something customized and unique for your haunted attraction. Audio Zombie offers the best audio possible with a high end service at an affordable price. They also work on many scales with various budgets that even the every day home haunter can afford.

Audio Zombie offers custom sound design services to the haunted house market and horror industry including haunted attractions, film makers, web designers, home haunters, animatronics designers, ghost tours and much more. They also offer a full line of royalty-free sound libraries that are perfect for any of the people and business they service listed above. Our royalty-free sound libraries include Morbid Circus, Zombie’s Playground and MY9D-FKD. Morbid Circus consists of really twisted clown music that produces an uneasy tension feeling along with disturbing tones and melodies. Zombie’s Playground is composed of creepy atmospheric music that is organically created. And MY9D-FKD, a sequel to their most popular disk, Zombie’s Playground, consists of disturbing frequencies and atmospheric tones. In this year, Audio Zombie’s sound libraries have made their mark in the horror world by having a strong presence at many horror conventions as well as receiving five star reviews from industry magazines.

Audio Zombie’s staff is composed of a small group of professional producers, audio engineers and musicians whose work can be found on countless projects ranging from independent films to national touring musical acts. All of the works are recorded in a state-of-the-art studio that is fully equipped with top-notch equipment to produce sound imagery for any type of production needs. Audio Zombie’s staff consists of:

Jason Ruch is the CEO/Owner of Audio Zombie. Along with being the CEO/Owner, Jason works as the Chief Sound Engineer and Sound Designer as well as a Producer with over 17-years of experience in the extreme dark rock/metal music world.

Jonny Croce is a part owner of Audio Zombie. Along with being part owner, Jonny is the Lead Composer and Studio Musician with over 15-years of experience in various aspects of the music industry.

Kerri Edelman, Psy.D., is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations with Audio Zombie. Along with being the Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Kerri is a Modern Rock Recording Artist ( and Voice-Over Musician with over 10-years of experience in various aspects of the music industry.

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This article was written by Kerri Edelman, Psy.D. who is a Freelance Writer. It will be featured in Haunted Attraction Magazine.

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